More than just ink on paper

How we can help you grow your business

Printing has long been a primary marketing communications media for businesses large and small. For many businesses, it is the only media.

What makes printing so appealing is the low cost relative to other media, the ability to target a campaign at specific markets, the enduring nature of printed promotions, and the flexibility to customize designs quickly and get a job printed and out into the market in days, or even hours if necessary.

Today, the greatest marketing challenge for any business is creating campaigns with a message that cuts through to their market and differentiates them from their competitors. As these challenges intensify, business owners are increasingly choosing to deal with suppliers that can help them achieve their marketing objectives.

At Butterfly Press, we have responded to the challenges faced by our clients by increasing our range of marketing services.

We have a creative team that is experienced in marketing communications and can help you develop concepts and ideas, create marketing and communications strategies, develop creative high impact graphic design and write professional marketing copy that influences and motivates buyer behaviour. Our team can even help you set up the processes to manage your campaign.

Distribution is also an important part of the marketing process. Achieving the best result requires a quality list and making the right choice when it comes to the distribution method. We can advise you on the most effective distribution method for the campaign you are running, and help you set up or source a mailing list if you decide to run a direct mail campaign.

To find out how we can help you make your marketing more effective, call our office on

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