Creative Services

Content is the key to any successful marketing campaign. The words you use, visual design, and the strategy behind your campaign all determine the success or failure of your marketing. At Butterfly Press, our creative team can work with you from concept through to the final product.

Graphic Design

Marketing is all about perception, and the image you create and the visual cues you communicate thorough design, all play an important role in creating the right perception and market appeal for your business. Our Graphic Designer is experienced at creating visual communications that capture your markets attention and communicate the image you want for your business. His designs are innovative and original and are sure to inspire your imagination.


When it comes to marketing, what you say and how you say can be the difference between success or failure. If your sales message fails to cut through to your market, then even the most professional promotion will struggle to increase sales opportunities. Our copywriter can work with you to develop powerful and effective sales copy by either writing original copy from your brief, or by giving your own copy a professional once over.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail campaign seems a little complex, then you don’t need to worry. , we can do everything for you. Our creative team can take care of all the design and copywriting to maximise your response rate, through to arranging distribution, including organizing a mailing list or working with your existing database. To learn more about direct mail, MORE>

Marketing Planning

Do you feel as though you need to implement some sort of marketing strategy for your business, but not really sure about the process, or even where to start? We can work with you through the entire process, from creating a marketing plan, to developing concepts and ideas, and then creating all the creative content including design and sales copy.