Why Direct Mail Marketing is a powerful way to grow your business

Why Direct Mail Marketing is a powerful way to grow your business


In this age of the Internet there is an assumption that the web is a marketing panacea for every business. There is no doubt that the web has an important and ever expanding role to play in contemporary marketing, but so do other media. As recent research reveals, one of the most effective and fastest growing media is direct mail marketing, with performance often far outstripping web-based strategies.


Direct mail has a long and successful history in marketing, but with the heralding of the Internet as the ultimate solution to business growth, there was a time when it was considered ‘snail mail’, and an expensive, low yield marketing media.


Well a lot has changed over the past decade or so. Direct mail marketing is now one of the fastest growing marketing medias throughout the world, due in part to the reduction in printing production costs, access to quality research and list building tools and resources, and the realisation that successful web marketing takes much more than simply placing a web site online and hoping for the best.


An increasing trend in marketing is to create campaigns that integrate the use of web and direct mail. Generating web traffic is a perpetual challenge for marketers, with organic search results often creating very few quality leads. By using direct mail to drive traffic to a website, a business has the ability to target a specific market, and then engage them in an online experience which can include quality information, interactivity, and e-commerce functionality. Even Google, one of the largest and best-known web brands in the world, uses direct mail to drive business traffic to their web site.


Recent research reveals that Direct Mail has a very real role to play in contemporary marketing. Three significant studies include the ‘Roy Morgan Single Source’ study, which analyses all marketing media channels, and the ‘Reach Consumers’, and ‘Direct Mail, Email and Online Advertising’ studies, both conducted by the Open Mind Research Group.

Following are some interesting facts that came out of the studies, which may help you decide how to allocate funds for your marketing budget.

Less clutter – more opportunity to cut through

Australian households only receive an average of just 1.9 addressed promotional mail items per week. Most of the mail they receive is unaddressed marketing and catalogues – or junk mail. It is hardly surprising that one of the fasted growing product categories throughout the global printing industry is direct mail.

People really do read their mail

The research also discovered that people really do read their mail, something that often can’t be said for email marketing. The latest figures from Roy Morgan Research reveal that 71.7% of addressed promotional items received by households are either read, kept for future reference, or passed on to someone else, such as a friend, relative or associate. This is outstanding when compared to email open rates, which are a dismal 22.5%.

Direct Mail enhances perception of the brand

Consumers feel more valued by a business that sends them communications by mail, with 64% saying they had a better impression of a business that sends them information my mail, with their perception of email considered the cheap, no effort option.

83% of consumers agreed there was a place for both email and mail, with 60% saying they would prefer businesses to approach them by mail first, then by email.

62% of consumers agreed that they were more likely to click on an online ad if they have received something in the mail from the company first.

An interesting finding was that 58% of consumers said that they receive so much Spam that they have started ignoring email.

Why consumers prefer the printed direct mail marketing channel

When asked which marketing channel consumer’s prefer, and why, the following points were overwhelmingly in favour of printed Direct Mail Marketing.

· Printed Direct Mail was nominated as the channel that consumers are more likely to spend time reading.

· Printed Direct Mail is the channel more likely to grab attention.

· Printed Direct Mail makes people feel more valued.

· Printed Direct Mail is the channel that makes people more likely to do something, such as make an enquiry or a purchase.


How consumers want to receive information in the future


One of the most interesting results came from a question about how consumers would like to receive information in the future. 71% said that they would still prefer information to be sent to them by mail, with 60% anticipating that promotional messages will be targeted to their needs. This sends an important message to every business that consumers want to receive targeted and relevant marketing communications.


Direct mail is relevant for businesses of any size, and is capable of creating sales opportunities in almost any industry. If you would like to know more about how direct mail marketing can work in your business, please call us on 8278 2899, or email Janet at janet@butterflypress.com.au.